Expect durability from luxury vinyl flooring

Expect durability from luxury vinyl flooring

We know that flooring is a significant investment in your home and is something you buy only sometimes. However, your luxury vinyl floors can last over 20 years, depending on quality and care.

That is mainly due to the product's durability and waterproof capabilities. There are many other benefits, however. They all make this product an excellent value for the decorating dollar.

Two forms: different designs, same strength

Luxury vinyl comes in two forms, and they both have the same level of strength. Whether you choose luxury vinyl plank or square, tile-sized pieces, they each come with a top transparent wear layer.

This clear, strong coating lies between the printed design layer and the top finish. It protects the floor from scratches, scuffs, and dents, making it impossible to "walk off" the image.

The wear layer also keeps spills at the top, waiting to be wiped off. Also able to be submerged without damage, luxury vinyl has no curling edges, rippling, or peeling. These are things that result in repair or replacement.

High-end style, budget-friendly prices

Forget anything you may remember from the vinyl floors of decades past: luxury vinyl tile and plank offer nature-inspired, true-to-life images of wood, stone, and tile.

Today’s vinyl has better graphics and technologies, such as micro beveling and embossing. They give the floors depth, dimension, and textured looks.

With genuine wood, textures like brushed, hand scraped, and distressed are done by hand. They can be replicated by machinery on the vinyl's wear layer.


This may be the most realistic texture yet, matching the image.

Other benefits

1.Low maintenance. Regular sweeping and periodic mopping are all it takes to keep LVP or LVT in top shape.
2.Uncomplicated installation. Floors can be glued or installed to float. Fast and easy translates to less expensive.

Flooring source: a strong reputation for quality & craftsmanship

The first things you notice about Carpets & More are our no-pressure atmosphere and low prices. But our quality is high! You'll see luxury vinyl flooring from top brands like COREtec, Mohawk, Mannington, Pergo Extreme, etc.

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