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A floor may keep a room grounded, while its window treatments are portals to its personality. When you are thinking about window treatments, what’s the scope of your plan? Are you looking for window treatments throughout the house that are coordinated by style or color? Or, would you rather focus on one room?

What to consider about new window treatments

What is your overall budget for window treatments? Although window treatments are relatively easy to change, they are not inexpensive. If you share your budget with us, we can help you get the most out of the amount you have to spend. Develop a plan; you can implement it all immediately, or take a couple of years and get some installed every year. Before you know it, your home will have all new window treatments. Take into consideration what needs to be done first. For example if people in your home are working a night shift, it is important that their sleeping area has blackout shades included in the window treatments. Alternatively, maybe the floor to ceiling windows in the family room needs some insulating coverage for the winter.



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Some tips to getting your window treatments right

  • The whole foundation of fabricating a window treatment is based on correct measurements; Carpets & More will have a measuring professional take complete measurements for your window treatments
  • A correct window treatment installation is harder to achieve than it looks; Carpets & More includes installation as part of their window treatment service
  • Spend some time looking through our reference books to zero in on exactly the type of window treatment you want; don't shortchange yourself here, take the time

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