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Kitchen & bath remodeling services

Carpets & More excels in kitchen & bath remodeling in East Brunswick, Staten Island, Somerset, Middletown and surrounding areas

Not only does Carpets & More carry and install flooring, we provide countertops, cabinets and other furnishing associated with kitchen & bath remodeling. Our services help simplify the burden of multiple contractors used during remodeling, by providing those services in-house.

Making the decision to remodel a kitchen or bathroom does not come lightly. Renovating kitchens and baths contributes to the value of your home, often in excess of the amount the work costs. The other aspect to consider when remodeling is the disruption to your life. Kitchens and baths are used every day, having one of them out of commission can put a big kink in how your household works.

Planning your kitchen and bath remodeling

Remodeling time is the chance to get things right. Write down what is wrong with the space now. Show no mercy, now is the time to get personal with your kitchen or bath. Now, write down what you want in your space including:

  • What type of flooring?
  • Ready-made or custom cabinetry?
  • What materials for countertops?
  • Do you need new appliances?
  • Does plumbing or electricity need updating?
  • What will you use for wall treatments?

This list could go on indefinitely. Expect your remodeling associate to drill you on these, it’s not a matter of being nosy, it’s a matter of finding the best solutions for your lifestyle.



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Start your kitchen and bath remodeling now

If you are in East Brunswick, Somerset, Monroe or Middletown stop by our showroom in East Brunswick to explore the many options you have for remodeling. With our planning service, we help our customers organize their thoughts for their kitchens and baths. Then we implement the plan, so that by the time we leave, your kitchen and bath remodeling is complete and you are totally satisfied. Design hours: Mondays and Fridays: 9 AM - 6 PM (East Brunswick) and 9:30 AM - 5 PM (Staten Island)