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Carpet has been a functional and decorative design element for centuries. Research shows carpet can affect the quality of the indoor environment of a home.

Carpet can affect:

  • Slip and fall risks
  • Standing fatigue and comfort
  • The floor's thermal insulation
  • A room's acoustic design

Falls, trips, and slips are sources of serious injury, even deaths. Various kinds of protective and assistive aids such as hip protectors and walking frames can help. Those devices do not protect all body regions. Installing carpet is a more generalized benefit over a harder floor surface.


  • Eliminates the risk of slipping by increasing surface traction
  • May change posture stability
  • May change walking a bit
  • Acts as a shock absorber and decreases the impact of a fall.

Carpet affects standing fatigue and comfort

Several studies have concluded softer flooring, such as carpet, results in less posture discomfort than that of hard floor surfaces. A 1988 study revealed the average heart rate was higher after standing on concrete for two hours than standing on carpet. Perceived comfort was greater on carpet than concrete.

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Carpet affects the floor's thermal insulation

The fibrous construction of carpet traps a layer of air near the floor. Air is a thermal insulator and increases a surface's thermal insulation. A pad below the carpet increases the thermal insulation effect.

Carpet affects a room's acoustic plan

The characteristics of flooring are one the variables that affect acoustical performance in a room. A hard floor surface acts as a reflector of sound. The reverberation time of sound increases. Carpet acts as a sound absorber. It dampens the noise impact in a room. Carpet, especially carpet with a cushion, provides an excellent absorptive surface.

The evidence gathered, suggests carpet offers benefits for the indoor environment. Of course, we at Carpets & More already knew that carpet was an environmental benefit. We would like to share examples of the carpet we carry.

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