Two formats of luxury vinyl flooring

Two formats of luxury vinyl flooring

Rather than coming in sheets, this vinyl is cut into square, tile-sized pieces or luxury vinyl plank. LVF is well-known for amazing realistic images, and many tell us the extra seams add even more to that.

Mimicking hardwood floorboards

With plank (LVP), the material is cut into strips and mounted on boards. Like all LVF, these images are taken digitally, clear and vibrant.

All LVF has micro beveling and embossing. This technology adds depth, dimension, textured looks, or finishes.

You're not limited as to how you use the formats. While some use plank for stone and tile, others use squares for wood.

Luxury vinyl tile: mix and match, create a unique look

Some combine wood squares with black and white ceramic pieces. This is currently a hot look.

Because it follows all the trends, you can get decorative wood-look ceramics and porcelain. Mosaics are also available; finishes include matte, satin, and textured.

Benefits of plank and LVT include:

  1. Affordability: The images are so realistic sometimes even the flooring experts have trouble telling it from the real thing. You'll know, however, when you pay.
  2. 100% waterproof: All LVF is made with entirely waterproof materials, so it's impenetrable whether submerged or spilled.
  3. Low maintenance. These floors need regular sweeping and periodic mopping with a manufacturer-approved cleaner, whether squares or plank. Avoid waxy-shine-promoting products as they can damage the finish.
  4. Uncomplicated installation. This is especially so when either plank or LVT becomes floating floors. It is also glued down.

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